The GreenAgri srl is a society been born by the idea to produce and to commercialize half technicians for the agriculture and particularly for the biological and integrated agriculture.
The situated firm to Bari, produces and commercializes a vast range of products, that you/they go from the fitofarmacis for the biological agriculture and not, to the traps, the manure and fertilizers, thin to reach a whole range of products for the binding (string, connecting rod, iron thread pretagliato, dressed again in paper or in plastics or not dressed again, rafia, string), to the nets picked up olives and to the tubes for irrigation, to end with the gloves.
The GreenAgri srl, is besides owner of a series of European brevets, and it produces material nontoxic and certified.
The firm mainly works in Italy and with some European and Mediterranean countries (Greece, Spain, France, Germany, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria).
Point of strength of the firm has been the ability to furnish products of quality and rapid and efficient service of delivery.
The social structure formed by graduates specialized in various disciplines, is constantly busy today in the activity of search of the maximum products quality and in the full satisfaction of the clientele, especially in the activities of R & D on the old and new products.



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